How to prepare the "Scattate of Alia"

How to prepare the "Scattate of Alia"

Simple recipe on the preparation of the "Scattate di Alia" typical Sicilian sweet from the town of Alia (PA)

- 1 kg of peeled, chopped and toasted almonds

- kg. 1 of sugar

- gr. 300 flour (type 00)

- a pinch of ammonia

- diavolini

Put all the ingredients (except the devils) in a bowl, mix well and mix with a little water (at room temperature). The dough should be consistent.

Let it rest for about half an hour, then wetting the hand in a bowl of water, form balls of the size of a walnut, dip them in the little devils and place them in a baking dish (with parchment paper) quite far from each other. >

Bake at 160 degrees ventilated oven (check cooking by eye) If you have not managed to take the Alia Scattate you can buy them on this site by clicking on the following link: -di-alia.html

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