Eggplant caponata, wild fennel pesto and artichoke cream

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The package includes:

2 caponata cans of 200gr

2 cans of wild fennel 200g pesto

2 cans of 200gr artichoke cream

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The result of an ancient recipe, handed down from generation to generation, the Caponata Don Vito is produced with only natural and genuine ingredients, scrupulously selected. Eggplant pieces are fried and then seasoned with tomato puree, capers, celery and olives, all characterized by a unique sweet-and-sour taste.


Fresh aubergines, tomato puree, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, celery, olives, capers, onion, wine vinegar, salt, sugar.


Obtained from a selection of the best wild fennel that grows wild in the mountains, just open the vase and you are immediately enveloped by the intense aroma, expression of the land of Sicily. To be enjoyed with pasta dishes and soups, to flavor meat and fish main courses or to prepare tasty bruschetta and canapés.


Wild fennel (70%), Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Wine vinegar, Chili pepper, Pepper, Flavor, Sugar, Salt


Don Vito artichoke cream releases all the delicate and unmistakable taste of artichokes, of which only the heart is used to obtain a refined and sublime product. Excellent on a slice of toasted bread, it is a quality delicacy not just for spreading; savor it also with pastas and risottos, for tasty savory pies and appetizers, with cheeses or to accompany meat and fish main courses.


Artichokes 60%, sunflower oil 30%, oil e.v.o. 10%, orange, lemon, wine vinegar, pepper, natural flavors, salt.

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