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Salami from Sicily

Selected cured meats produced with animals raised in Sicily

Cold cuts produced with animals bred in Sicily from carefully selected meats. In these pages you will find 100% Sicilian cured meats, a guarantee of flavor and authenticity.

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1 kg of stretched bacon

Price €12.15 Regular price

Pancetta tesa kg 1
Pancetta tesa is suitable for all recipes. Tasty but not overly spicy is processed with only salt and chilli.


kg 1 of Guanciale

Price €13.50 Regular price

Take home the authentic and genuine taste of Sicily

kg 1 Dried sausage

Price €14.18 Regular price

Dry sausage kg 1
This product is born from the oldest recipe that has been handed down to us, simple but with an elaborate taste. ...

kg 1 Sausage with wild fennel

Price €14.18 Regular price

Sausage with wild fennel pack of 1 kg. Processed with the addition of wild fennel is produced with animals raised in Sicily.

It is a ...

kg 1 Spicy sausage

Price €14.18 Regular price

Spicy sausage kg 1
Spicy sausage which does not hide the taste of genuine meat, processed with hot pepper. Produced with animals raised ...

kg 1 Country sausage

Price €17.17 Regular price

Country sausage kg 1
A sausage that really reminds the peasant taste.

From the sweet taste and worked with black pepper it is ...

kg 1 Salami Rossini

Price €18.90 Regular price

Salami Rossini kg 1
The first salami tested in our laboratory with the contrast of black pepper and chilli pepper has a spicy ...

kg 1 Spicy salami

Price €18.90 Regular price

Spicy salami kg 1
Spicy for the most demanding palates. Processed with chilli it is produced with animals raised in Sicily.

It is ...

kg 1 Delicious salami

Price €18.90 Regular price

Delicious salami kg 1
A sweet salami but with a spicy aftertaste, among the aromas that give this flavor there is also garlic give this ...

kg 1 Homemade salami

Price €18.90 Regular price

Homemade salami kg 1
A salami for everyone, large but above all children, with a sweet taste given by processing with black pepper. Very ...

1 kg of sweet rolled bacon

Price €18.90 Regular price

Sweet rolled bacon 1 kg
Rolled pancetta looks a lot like genuine and genuine flavors of the past without the addition of products that ...

Salami with dried tomato Salami with dried tomato

kg 1 Salami with dried tomato

Price €19.24 Regular price €20.25

Salami with dried tomato kg 1
A delight for lovers of strong tastes. The combination of the chilli pepper with the dried tomato, sought ...



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