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Typical Sicilian sweets

Online sales of Typical Sicilian sweets

Desserts and bakery products from Sicilian pastry shops. Sicilian sweets are very popular all over the world

The shot of Alia: prepared with almonds and renowned for its consistency of flavor.

Sicilian cassata: prepared with sponge cake, icing, candied fruit, renowned for its consistency of flavor.

Sicilian cannoli: prepared with ricotta or chocolate or yellow cream, seasoned with pistachio or candied fruit and icing sugar.

The rolliss nisseni: native to Caltanissetta, uses cocoa sponge cake, ricotta and royal pasta.

Sicilian tetus: typically Sicilian biscuits; covered with chocolate icing prepared for the autumn holiday on 2 November, for the feast of the dead; as they say in Sicilian and can be black (chocolate) or white (with lemon).

Granita: the most famous granitas are almond and lemon but there are also many other flavors of granite; ranging from coffee to strawberries, mint, chocolate.

The almond paste: the almond paste is well prepared in the area; also thanks to the famous and sought-after Avola almond; which gives the pasta (particularly famous are those from Syracuse) an excellent flavor. There are many ways to prepare them; vary in shape and seasonings, but the main element remains however the almond.

Martorana fruit: It is a dish originating from Sicily and is composed of almond paste; which takes the form of different fruits or foods.

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Almond paste 200 grams

Price €3.63 Regular price

The almond paste, gr200 cake, is an excellent preparation to make almond milk, a very thirst-quenching drink in the summer heat, excellent with ...

Almond paste 200 grams toasted

Price €3.63 Regular price

The almond paste, gr200 cake, is an excellent preparation to make almond milk, a very thirst-quenching drink in the summer heat, excellent with ...

Sicilian maxi cannoli 250 grams -12...

Price €3.92 Regular price

Crunchy and tasty waffles, prepared by hand, to be filled with ricotta cream, white cream or chocolate cream, as tradition dictates.


100g white nougat

Price €4.31 Regular price


100 grams COBAITA

Price €4.38 Regular price


Sesame, (50%) honey, sugar, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, orange peel, natural flavors.


Martorana fruit of modica from 125 grams

Price €5.00 Regular price

Also known as Marzipan, Martorana fruit is a mixture of almonds and sugars in order to obtain a soft and not very sweet dough.

After a ...

Pistachio nougat 80 grams

Price €6.25 Regular price


200g orange juice

Price €7.97 Regular price

The orange jice is made with organic orange peel, iblei honey, sugar. All the ingredients cook over low heat until the peel is caramelized. It ...

200g cedar

Price €7.97 Regular price

The cedrata is made with organic cedar peel, iblei honey, sugar.


CASSATELLA classic from 1 Kg

Price €13.50 Regular price

Classic 1 kg cassatella (about 10 cassatelle)

From the Agirina tradition (Agira, a Sicilian town in the province of ...

CASSATELLA with pistachio 1 kg

Price €13.50 Regular price

1 kg pistachio cassatella (10 pcs)

Handcrafted and cooked in a stone oven. Prepared with simple and tasty ...



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