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Online sale of organic Sicilian cold cuts without allergens

1 kg of "U Spinnu" pecorino salami

Price €20.25 Regular price

Kg 1 U Spinnu Pecorino Salami
We've added pecorino cheese to our simple recipe to create a salami that reflects the ...

1 kg of Lonza with aromatic herbs

Price €20.25 Regular price

Lonza with aromatic herbs kg 1
The aromas collected in the Madonite territory give a special taste to a light meat. Processed with salt ...

1 kg of raw ham from the madonie

Price €27.00 Regular price

1 kg of raw ham from the madonie
For the processing of our raw meat we use a mix of artisanal techniques that combined with the climate ...

1 kg of stretched bacon

Price €12.15 Regular price

Pancetta tesa kg 1
Pancetta tesa is suitable for all recipes. Tasty but not overly spicy is processed with only salt and chilli.


1 kg of sweet Lonza

Price €20.25 Regular price

Sweet 1 kg Lonza
A very light part of the pork but at the same time tasty. Processed with only black pepper and salt, it is produced with ...

1 kg of sweet rolled bacon

Price €18.90 Regular price

Sweet rolled bacon 1 kg
Rolled pancetta looks a lot like genuine and genuine flavors of the past without the addition of products that ...

kg 1 Country sausage

Price €17.17 Regular price

Country sausage kg 1
A sausage that really reminds the peasant taste.

From the sweet taste and worked with black pepper it is ...

kg 1 Delicious salami

Price €18.90 Regular price

Delicious salami kg 1
A sweet salami but with a spicy aftertaste, among the aromas that give this flavor there is also garlic give this ...

kg 1 Dried sausage

Price €14.18 Regular price

Dry sausage kg 1
This product is born from the oldest recipe that has been handed down to us, simple but with an elaborate taste. ...

kg 1 Homemade salami

Price €18.90 Regular price

Homemade salami kg 1
A salami for everyone, large but above all children, with a sweet taste given by processing with black pepper. Very ...

kg 1 of Guanciale

Price €13.50 Regular price

Take home the authentic and genuine taste of Sicily

kg 1 of Spicy Capocollo

Price €21.60 Regular price

Spicy Capocollo from 1 kg
worked with the same Calabrian techniques and with the same intensity of chilli the capocollo will remember in ...



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